November 18, 2017

HOG Duties Expanded

At the HOG meeting in October, officers for next year were nominated for 16 positions. In most cases, since all the officers have only held their positions for a year, those same people were nominated - and accepted the nomination. There were a few that declined (moving, health reasons etc), and for those we nominated new people for the position, or asked for people to think about it until voting in November. Some people took on two positions (and in one case, two people are sharing the duties).

At the November meeting we were informed that one member, who had taken on two positions suddenly needed to back out - and was already out of country for his work without being able to communicate (due to the nature of his work). We had no volunteers for one position, Editor, so I volunteered to take that on along with continuing as the LOH Officer.

So now I am in a weird position of not having a template to follow, nor having the information that had been previously been given to the former Editor for our newsletter. I know that National HOG requires certain fonts, logos and has rules/regulations to follow and I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. Additionally, the newsletters have Volume and Edition numbers that I have no idea what they are in relation to. I am fortunate that 4 newsletters have been published this year, as that is the minimum amount that is required. However, I also want to put out a yea-end edition as there are several news-worthy items that should be shared, but wouldn't have the same impact or interest if I wait until next spring.

This will be a learning experience for sure.

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November 11, 2017

As Promised - Autumn Pictures

Pictures of the Burning Bush. Sadly, we had a huge windstorm and heavy rains so I never got a picture of it in it's full glory, but it was still pretty. I realize that BB is an invasive plant, but around here there are many old plantings of it (even the state planted it along the town bypass put in 10+ years ago), and shade keeps it mostly in check, so I don't feel badly about letting this bush live. The first picture was taken the end of October, the second on 11/4/17.

Burning bush 1trnd

To the right of the burning bush is the October Glory maple I planted a couple of months ago. When I saw it turning yellow, although a prettier and more enduring color than the silver maples, I thought I was going to have to replace it with another Autumn Blaze.

Burning bush 1trnd

However, the leaves endured and then started to change even more. Luckily, the wind and rain didn't even phase the little tree and the leaves stayed put so I could enjoy them. This is the last maple with any leaves on it at all. Pictures from today.

October Glory tree 11-11-17
October Glory tree 11-11-17

Today started off as the coldest of the year at 18* (Last Monday I rode the bike to work and it was 58* at 4 AM!). The sun was strong though and it quickly jumped up to 30 then topped out at 35*. Warm enough and dry enough to finally mow the leaves for the last time. I also pulled the last few lily stalks that had stubbornly stayed firmly attached to the bulb.

Although my shoulder nerve issue hasn't been resolved, it has been mitigated to a degree and I no longer have a completely numb thumb. I do still have tingles run from my shoulder blade up, around and down my arm when I stretch it, but it is better than it was. Only time and rest will allow my body to heal up. I'm disappointed I didn't get the last of the planned landscaping done, nor did I get anything done on the house, but I have reserved the arm/shoulder pain for what I have to get done, not what I want/wish to get done. Thank goodness I like to read:)

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October 28, 2017

Pretty Leaves

A week ago Friday evening (yes, I'm going in revers chronological order) I mowed the yard for the last time. However, I also used the mower to mulch all the leaves, for the second, but not last, time.

Lawn and leaves mowed 10-21-17

Saturday I noticed that a silver maple still had some leaves. The silver maples normally go from pale yellow to brown in about 24 hours, but when the stick around they aren't to horrible to look at.

Silver Maple

They did put out a prodigeous amount of helicopters this fall. Considering that the nearest tree to the ramp is 35-40 feet away, there is a minor amount on the ramp. And, to think, last fall I was wondering at my identifying them as some sort of maple might be incorrect since there were absolutely no helicopters produced.

Silver Maple

However, the new maples, although puny and having few leaves, far outshone the silver. These two are from the Autumn Blaze I planted just above where the willow used to be.

Autumn Blaze maple leaf 10-15-17
Autumn Blaze maple leaf 10-15-17

This next pic is from the Burgundy Belle maple that I planted on the other side of the house (The October Glory is apparently waiting for November - considering the warm fall we've had, I don't blame it)

Autumn Blaze maple leaf 10-15-17

And I have one lone sunflower, under the bird feeder, that is desperately trying to set some seed before the frost kills it (not likely as this was a very late flower) This picture was taken on 10-15, but it hasn't made much progress. We've had a couple of frosts, which haven't helped its cause.

Sunflower 10-15-17

I'm finding that I also have a burning bush shrub so will have fiery red leaves over in the shade garden. I vaguely remember last year I did identify it, but it only had a couple of limbs and was really struggling in the heavy shade. It has taken off since I removed the willow (and earlier in the year I removed a wild invasive rose that is coming from the swamp, which helped to). I'll take a picture when it gets into its full glory, so you'll just have to wait.

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Tires are Important

Last Sunday I met up with a gal from LOH here in town. We were going to ride up to the dealer's where the procession for a HOG member was starting at (see next post). I had checked tire pressure just before leaving, as the days were getting cooler. We were discussing tire pressure, as she was finalizing getting ready, when the sun and bike angle managed to grab my attention. WTF is that on my back tire? I had ridden thru some sand, so assumed it was that, but grabbed my readers and took a good look. ARRGGHH, my back tire had no rubber left on the contact patch (center of tire). In fact, it was down to the belts.

N.O.T. G.O.O.D.

Old rear tire tread2

I was smart and rode back home to grab the car. I called the dealer on Tuesday and orderd both front and rear tires as the front was worn badly (which I knew - but it at least still had rubber covering). The tires came in and I rode up this morning, in 36* and extremely foggy weather so they could install the new tires. (first pic is of new rear tire, then front tire)

New rear tire Dunlop American Elite
New rear tire Dunlop American Elite

New tires have such a weird feel to them. They aren't as smooth riding as broken in tires. However, they are much safer than what I had on there. Although cold weather has hit, and massive rain is in the forecast (thankfully not snow), there is still riding to do so I can do so with confidence now.

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HOG Procession

During our HOG Chapter October 1 meeting, we got the call that a member had passed just moments before (so during the meeting). It was not unexpected, he was elderly, had been sick, and had less than 24 hours previously been transferred from the hospital to hospice. It was still sad and many members have done a lot to help his significant other (it seems just weird to say girlfriend at that age) thru the grief and the process of letting him go. Some of the LOH members also created commemorative ribbons, in the colors of his motorcycle.

Last Sunday we held a procession from the dealer to the church where his celebration of life was held. The HOG members donated food for the reception afterwards. However, the biggest contribution was carrying his ashes and his SO other on the lead bike to the Church.

Box with ashes adorned with commemorative ribbon

Jacks box prior to procession

Commemorative ribbon on an LOH member's bike
Jacks box prior to procession

Although I had planned to ride, my rear tire had other ideas, so I, along with another LOH member rode in a car at the back of the line so I was able to take pictures during the procession. It was a gorgeous fall day, with temps in the 60's and sunny. The fall foliage was still nice too.

Heading out from Heritage
Heading out from Heritage
Heading out from Heritage

Some of the bikes at the church (many others came later).

Bikes at church-lower lot
Bikes at church-lower lot

The deceased's bike (which was ridden by his son and was the second bike of the procession). Next to it is the bike that led and carried his SO and ashes.

Jacks bike

Although I didn't know him well, he was a veteran and had been a Concord HOG Chapter member since the chapter's inception. He was well liked and always had jokes to tell. Rest in Peace Jack.

Of all the truths and lies
And stories of riders in the sky
They say only the bravest try
Where eagles and angels dare to fly

Last verse from Poison's Ride the Wind



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October 14, 2017

Don't Ask

Because I don't know why there were two police cars in front of my house last weekend when I got home from grocery shopping.

Police in front of my house 10-7-17

There was a car stopped and a woman was out standing beside the passenger's door when I pulled up. By the time I got inside with the groceries, and got to the bedroom window to look out, the car was driving off (who was driving I have no idea). I went and got my phone for a picture, got the shot and the police started driving off in random directions. However, I think it is important to note that the car stopped at the intersection was actually sitting there - this is not an action shot of either vehicle.

Wow, exciting neighborhood :)


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October 07, 2017

Charitable Work

I haven't done much the last couple of weeks because of nerve issues no, not nervous issues :). But the HOG chapter did supply volunteers for the Concord Friends Program BBQ held at the dealership. And, the volunteers, plus others of the chapter supplied a bunch of food for the event.

I forgot to take many pictures - actually only took them as we were setting up, so not everyone is pictured.

Friends BBQ Poster-sm
Friends BBQ Poster-sm
Friends BBQ Poster-sm

Unfortunately, after a week of 80-90* weather, it was a cool and rainy day with a high of 50* (I know because the business next door has a sign that displays a continuous read out of the temp.

Additionally, the dealership didn't have any promotions or any other activities - not even the beginner motorcycle course that is held most weekends. Between these factors, there weren't a whole lot of people visiting the dealership, so the BBQ didn't fare as well as we hoped.

We did have a good time the 4.5 hours that we were there and raised just shy of $300. All food/drinks were donated, so 100% of the money goes to the services of the program. And the director of the charity had ties to food pantries and elder care services so the leftover food was directly given to other worthy organizations later that afternoon.

UPDATE: I got a copy of the latest Friends Program newsletter, and look what they had in there:

Friends BBQ Picture of HOG volunteers

Friends BBQ Picture of HOG volunteers

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Luxury Sleeping

Nope, not for me - for Fuzzy. Caught him as comfy as could be in the pile of pillows on the couch a couple of weeks ago

Ffuzzy in pillows 1
Ffuzzy in pillows 1
Ffuzzy in pillows 1

Also cat related, Thursday just before leaving work I looked at the local TV station's website. Don't ask me why, I don't normally do that. The website had a big notice that the Animal Rescue League was in need of cat food as they have 95 cats and some have special dietary needs, while others are just plain picky. The ARL is not too far from where I work, so I stopped at a local supermarket and picked up a bunch of food on their list, then dropped it off before heading home.

Cat food donation-sm

I wonder if that store knew what was going on as they had a run on cat food. The two cases of Fancy Feast were the last 2 on the shelves, and I only left one of the Purina no grain cat food in the green bags on the shelf. And the two blue bags of cat nibble were the last two on the shelves also.

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September 24, 2017

New Digs for Ziva

As promised, Ziva's new cage was delivedred Monday. Unfortunately it was after I had left for my night job so setting it up had to wait until Tuesday.. But, I got it set up and she is much happier. This cage is within 1/2" of the dimensions of Birdie's cage except 4" taller (I couldn't find the exact model of Birdie's) - it still look huge to my eyes. I kept getting the tape measure out to compare measurements :). The seed cups are the same size as Birdie's cage, which is one of the criteria I used when I was researching. I do like the hammered copper color versus gold.

Ziva new cage front-trnd
Ziva new cage front-trnd


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September 16, 2017

New Family Member

Everyone, please welcome Ziva to her new home.

Ziva head on in old cage
Ziva head on in old cage

Ziva is a 3 year old cockatiel whom I got from my neighbor. Although my neighbor and I don't interact much, she had my phone number from when I thought I needed her to take care of the animals and pellet stoves while I was away at HOT training in April. She texted me Wednesday evening to see if I knew anyone who could take her. I replied that I could take her in, and Ziva was delivered shortly after 10 this morning.

Right now shwe is in a smaller cage; she came with 2 cages - 1 gigantic and the smaller one. The gigantic cage is just too big to place in the living room (where Birdie is, and is really for a mid-sized bird and could be dangerous for her with some of the bar spacings, so I've elected not to use it. She is fine, the small cage having been her home for a couple of years - the neighbor just got the big one not too long ago off of CL. Here is the large cage standing in front of the 36" wide front door :O

Ziva big cage front of door-trnd

ear not, she is not stuck forever in a small cage; I have ordered a cage about the size of Birdie's, nice and spacious for one bird but not over-sized and it should be in on Monday.

Birdie only had a spaz-attack for a couple of minutes until he realized that:

  • I wasn't putting her in his cage
  • she was staying "over there"

She called for a bit, but is settling down. I will give her a while in her new cage (when it comes in) before seeing if she wants out; the neighbor says shed likes to be on people - unlike Birdie who is only happy in his cage.

The cats have been outside most of the day. Fuzzy came in once, briefly, and I'm not sure he even noticed the new addition. I'll have to watch more closely when Rita comes in as she chases birds if they have the temerity to come into the pen. Fuzzy has left the wildlife chasing days long ago - one he started getting regular meals, so I don't worry about him too much (although I will still be cautious).

Welcome to the fold Rita!

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